Our virtual reality computer software is used to conduct the latest  in evidence-based exposure therapy. By integrating traditional psychological methods with groundbreaking technological tools, our team is able to contribute the best resources to our clients'  therapy process.

About Virtual Reality

Virtual reality immersion therapy is a type of therapy that utilizes virtual technology to engage individuals in interacting with virtual representation of traumatic stimuli in order to reduce fear responses. VR therapy is categorized as exposure therapy; when used simultaneously exposure therapy can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and panic. 


Virtual reality therapy can also be used to aid clients in mindful meditation and progressive muscle relaxation with the use of nature immersion. This feature allows clients to submerge themselves into an inclusive safe space curated specifically for them. 

Applications of VR Therapy

Exposure Therapy

VR helps clients experience the advantages of exposure therapy in a completely controlled environment. Patients get the advantage of learning to face their fears without having to physcially experience them. 


VR allow clinicians to understand  and assess debilitating trigger experiences in patients in a completely controlled environment so that patients are  not overwhelmed. 


VR allows patients to experience peaceful and soothing environments to help them when overwhelmed or attempting to enter a meditative state of mind.